Hawaii Day 1

Today my mother, sister, and I arrived in Hawaii…Oahu to be exact. I was recently in Oahu in July, but something always calls me to come back to Hawaii. I fell in love with this state when I first visited Maui in 2005. I’ve always been open and intrigued with Hawaiin culture. Perhaps it puts me at ease everytime I visit a new area when its not work related.

So, as a Christmas gift to my mother, my sister and I decided to pay for her plane ticket, hotel stay, and car rental. Basically trying to be good kids, since we RARELY do things like that lol. Literally within the first 2 or 3 hours in Hawaii, my mother and sister spent A LOT of money. Addictive? I think so!

Today was a good day for arrival, besides the fact that it was pouring rain and I got drenched. But the good thing about the weather in Hawaii is that it wasn’t cold. It was humid and raining (vs. CA stupid cold weather when it rains).

Here are some pics of our first day:

My sister is finally able to rent a car on her own! Driving to our hotel.

This wasnt even when the weather was BAD

The view from our Hotel, well actually it is a part of our hotel.

Rich people shaved ice near our hotel. It’s good, but not exactly what I wanted for shaved ice. It’s like bougie shaved ice.

My Mother and Sister with their “Royal Pine.” I had one too! It’s liquor, pineapple, and some other juice. BOMB

My sister wanted a solo picture of herself steezin like a Japanese girl in front of the Hawaiin Christmas Tree.

Aloha Army, one of my favorite stores to visit when I come to Hawaii. It used to be called In4mation, but I guess they decided to switch it up.

At around 5pm in Hawaii the rain started STORMING down. We stood in a store front for about 5 minutes hoping that the rain would lighten up, but then decided to “fuck it” and run…BAD IDEA

I’m drenched from head to toe, but luckily it wasn’t cold. The worst part was that I couldn’t even see through my glasses and that I almost ate it when I slipped in a store.

Overall, I’m glad I’m hear with some of the most important people in my life!


WTF Crazy Korean

Now before any of you watch this, be sure you do not have any liquids in your mouth. You will seriously make a mess. This literally had me rolling at work. I still can’t stop laughing lol! At first, it’s like WTF, and then you realize this guy is straight up serious…which makes it better! Did I mention they are 90% all Mariah Carey Songs?! Enjoy

More Money More Problems

As I sit at my desk at work and go through different websites to kill time, I hopped onto the Triumvir blog. Now everyone knows that my experiences in the industry came from Armory Survival Gear and street team work for Triumvir as well. Although my time with Triumvir was short, because I decided to branch off when I was granted the opportunity with Ghetto Rock, I have nothing but love and respect for these guys. I consider them fam and literally enjoy seeing them at random events. What inspired me about these guys was their love and passion for their work and for each other. They are a band of brothers. Triumvir doesn’t stand just as a clothing line, it’s actually a lifestyle.

I frequent their blog often, just to check up on my people and see how well they are doing. Recently Brandon and Julia went to Taiwan and caught up with Van Ness Wu, a big part of Triumvir. They had the opportunity to get a few videos on Van Ness’s view  on Life, God, and Leftfoot. Now this is going to tie in with what I’ve been feeling lately.

Recently I’ve been a little frustrated and just confused.  With all the success that the Lord has blessed me with, I am truly happy. I’ve always wanted to make a name for myself and I’m slowly attaining that goal. After graduating college, I landed a job as a Marketing Special Ops for a Wi-Fi Company and I’m still doing Marketing Director for Ghetto Rock. As a 22 year old straight out of college, i’m doing pretty well. So the blessings are countless.

However, with success comes money. I thought life would definitely be a lot better with money, not quite. Before any of this, I was the nobody who loved dancing, loved art, loved music, loved fashion, and loved my friends. I agree with Van Ness that suddenly everyone wants to be your friend. Girls that never gave me the time of day, because they didn’t see me doing anything with my life, are suddenly hitting me up for dates. People that I barely ever talked to in college are suddenly asking to hook them up with jobs and telling me “lets hang out.” The worst part is that some of my friends that have known me before all this are suddenly only hitting me up just for hook ups and materialistic needs. I really just want to give them the finger and say “You fucken knew me before I did this and now our friendship is based upon materialistic crap?!” I even had a friend of 3 years say, “We can only hang out if you bring me Ghetto Rock Tees.”….Are you fuckin shitting me? I love it when my phone gets blasted with messages that say “Hey how much can I get this for?” Just because you have my number doesn’t mean we’re close.

It’s true, more money more problems, or according to Biggy “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” I never understood that song until I graduated. All of the sudden I’m some sort of person that everyone wants to hang out with. But i’m sure once everything goes away, those people will too. It’s even better when some of those friends introduce me as “Danny, he’s from Ghetto Rock.” Really do they need to know that right away? Do you want to tell them I’m Vietnamese and 5’9 as well? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed to have a lot of friends in my life who have known me before any of this and still don’t ask for hookups and what not. When I moved back to my hometown and got back into Lost Tribe, they only asked me what I was doing and left it at that. They just wanted to know that I was doing well and they were genuinely happy for me. Now I see them once a week and they NEVER ask for anything. These are my brothers from my high school days. It’s hard to keep friends from high school because people are granted with different paths in life that they must take. It was extremely hard to be in contact with them when i was in SD, but I never lost sight of where I came from and how much love I have for my crew. Now back with them, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

A special someone even had a friend wear the “Stronger” shirt and she didn’t even feel the need to mention my name or say “hey, I’m talking to the guy who actually does Marketing for that brand.” She actually sees me for me and not what she could get out of it. Thank you, it means a lot. I’ll see you Friday.

Thank you to all my friends and fam that just call to check up on me and see how i’m doing and never ask for anything but friendship and loyalty.

Van Ness stated it best, “Money is not my God, Jesus Christ is my God.” Amen to that Van Ness.  

Check out the video at http://triumvir3.com/wordpress/

Wall-E Bento Box!

Fans of Wall-E will definitely like this creation. The detail is amazing, even if it was constructed from food. I’ve played with my food countless times, but I’ve never made anything as detailed or as life-like compared to this. This is truly a work of art. Feast your eyes on this!

Lost Tribe 81805

For people that don’t know, I rep Lost Tribe 81805. I started dancing with them when I was in high school and it’s still continuing. I’ve performed, battled, grew with my boys from Lost Tribe. It’s hard to find a band of brothers that will be there for you always, but I’m blessed enough to have my crew.

Here’s a video of us way back in the day:

To all you that wonder why I’m so goofy andwhy I laugh all the time, my crew is the reason for that. Check this video too:

Picture of the day

This picture literally cracked me up. My boy Felt asked me what was wrong with this picture. I thought this was one of his other jokes making fun of how I’m Asian, so i said..”IDK they are chinky and I might know them?” I then said “Wait, green underwear?” I didn’t notice what was really wrong with the picture, maybe i’m not perverted enough, but after like 2 minutes, I was rolling on the floor! Now I don’t know if this picture is real or not, but sure enough I was laughing hard where Tigger (the king of my house) started barking at me. Enjoy Pervs!