Be With Me

“You be giving me the coldest shoulder,

Cause you don’t want your emotions taking over.”

Preach J holiday…Preach


Sexy Boy Special


No Title

I like to watch this clip because I still like watching her dance.

Some Choreo I used to know

While I was a part of TNR aka Kinology now, we received a lot of choreo from Sy…one of the most under-rated dancers in my opinion.

When live gives you lemons…

“You paint that shit gold.”

Make the best out of everything. It is up to you on how you make things work for you and only you…well your family and significant other too.

I need my camera…

Drunken nights = forgotten items… Although last week I had a blast, I got drunk to the point that I forgot my camera, watch, and my shirt in my sister’s car.

I wanted to take pictures of last night, but oh well…I have a good memory.

PS. You looked beautiful as always.

S**T Kingz

4 of the dopest individuals.