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Magnetic North – Summertime

Perfect jam for the Summer


Sexy Boy Special


Some Choreo I used to know

While I was a part of TNR aka Kinology now, we received a lot of choreo from Sy…one of the most under-rated dancers in my opinion.

My Soul Existence

Music and Dancing…

I know this is old, but it’s still one of my favorite clips of all time.

I’m a Travellin’ Man

It’s time for a vacation! Here I come!

I’m leavinnnnng

Saigon Electric

This looks promising or perhaps it’s the Vietnamese pride in me. Either way I’m looking forward to this.

This movie makes Vietnam look beautiful and simple…its makes me feel that my life here has been more complex then it needs to be.


My boy Jordan made a couple of these bands as a test run. He was kind enough to lace me and my boy Tony up with one.

Thanks my dude!

In case you can’t make it out…it does say Bboy