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Feel Good Music: Wheesung – “Fading Star”

I’ve been playing this song on repeat for a while now.


Too Many Projects

I think I bit off more than I can chew.

Currently I am booked with a few projects that are starting to overwhelm me. I have two pairs of shoes and a bunch of munnys to complete.

Birthdays, BBQs, etc…busy is good

Give Me A Chance

To all the brothers out there that know they a good dude and deserve a chance.

For sure all good people deserve a chance.

Story of my life

Thank you for the wonderful music Dwele.

Quote of the Day

“But let’s take this good enough and turn into great.

This can only be as good as we both make it…”

Deuces to Douche It

Chris Brown: Deuces….this vid is weird and sort of boring.

Affion Crocket: Douche it…pure genius

My Soul Existence

Music and Dancing…

I know this is old, but it’s still one of my favorite clips of all time.

It’s been quite some time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything really relevant about my life. Lately I’ve been caught up in hanging out with my friends, hanging out with new friends, working, training, etc…the usual.

I’ve been going to church for 3 weeks ┬ánow. I’ve been wanting to find a church for YEARS where I would feel comfortable at, but finally I did! It’s a small service where everyone is approachable and welcoming. I’ve met some great friends/people at church. To keep things short, all I can say is “GOD IS GOOD!”

I’m planning on a trip up north to Sacramento to visit my boy Toad and Ninja boy. Both of them are performing at the State Fair, so a visit would lead into some good times.

For now, that’s it…I feel very blessed.