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I’m a Travellin’ Man

It’s time for a vacation! Here I come!

I’m leavinnnnng


Techy Romantics

Can you tell me why I like this video?

Lyrics of the Day

“It’s funny how the music put times in perspective
Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it
Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking and we can get far
Wherever you are”

As They Say

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

It was only a matter of time…just a matter of time.


Matisyahu – One Day

The Best Toy Ever…Ferg Squadt

I’ve been a fan of the whole Squadt series by Ferg, but his toys are very difficult to come by as they sell out in seconds…literally! It’s something about his execution and his attention to detail and all the little intricate work that makes me believe his toys are top notch.

Recently Ferg has decided to release the NKD version of Jack along with two QPMNT Pacs that you can buy. All I can say is that it was well worth the money, and this is my new addiction!


I call this Hugh Hefner

Without the Helmet

Did I mention all the straps on the backpack actually work and snap together?! The NKD Jack comes with 3 interchangeable eyes, 2 different set of hands, a bath robe, and a knife. I bought both QPMNT PACs, so I do need another NKD.

No more kidrobot toys for me…strictly Squadt.

Open Box Little Tricksters

If you recall, I purchased a set of the Touma Gun Metal Little Tricksters about a month ago. This past weekend while I was checking out the Vader Project, we stopped by our favorite store Munky King.

Munky King was kind enough to sell me some of the Tricksters they had on display.

Here is also a pic of my art/work area with the Gun Metal version:

Now with a riser:

I specifically placed the Tricksters there for inspirational purposes… Basically if I ever get discouraged or stuck in my work, I’ll just look at the tricksters to help me get to the finished piece.