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Tigger Time

Once again, my mother goes on a trip and I am stuck watching Tigger. I really don’t mind because he’s my little brother. Anyways, here are some recent photos I took of him lounging around.

Yesterday when he wasn’t cold

Today..he’s feeling a little cold so I put on his turtleneck

Snooping around

The $ shot.


Cali Suede ID Dunks

I did it again…made another pair of Nike iD dunks.

Being from California, I’ve always wanted a pair of “Cali” dunks, but I’m not a fan of all white leather. When I figured out that I could render up an all suede version and save a couple hundred dollars by not purchasing the real “Cali’s”, I pulled the trigger. I know that suede gets dirty a lot faster than leather, but I’m a sucker for the suede material

The shoe features an all suede Swan upper with a brown pony leather mid panel. The suede isn’t actually white, but it’s pretty damn close. Did I also say that it’s super buttery? Accompanying the upper is the green midsole and red sole. I also had to take advantage of the iD embroidery.

This formal pack option for the Nike iD Dunks has to be the best I’ve seen. The materials are top notch, the execution is on point, and the quality is much better than the recent Nike SB dunks that are releasing. The only downside that happened was that it took two extra weeks to come here because of customs, but that isn’t Nike’s fault. The thing that was annoying was that I ordered my Gucci dunks the same time I ordered these, but they didn’t show up at the same time…oh well.

Overall, I think the formal pack iD options is worth every penny and I plan to construct a few more pairs.

Detailed Fortune Cats

I decided to learn how to place eyelets onto shoes. The task was actually very simple, but I bought a set of tools that I didn’t even need…

I tested the eyelets out on my NikeiD Fortune Cats.

The left shoe has the eyelets

Finished product

Fixed Up Work

In the middle of moving out, the monkey and zebra that I made for Rogelyn were damaged. I finally decided to fix them and touch up the paint last night.Here are the results:

Good as new!

Zombie Mighty Mugg

When the virus hit the city of Yong, the citizens had no idea what was coming. After learning about the epidemic, Mike Fagel was trying to hide in the local Vongprachanh mini mart. The virus infected citizens barged into the mini mart and attacked ev…ery individual..Mike Fagel was not an exception. During the horrible altercation, the deranged virus infected citizens ripped off Mike’s arm.

The virus soon spread to Mike and the rest was history. Mike Fagel has now turned into a zombie. His eyes turned bloodshot red, oozing blood down to his shirt. His skin started to turn dry and gray. His teeth started to deteriorate.

How would he survive? He needs to eat humans…

My good friend Yong had commissioned me to paint his Zombie Mighty Mugg. The Mighty Mugg was already drawn, but I wanted to give him a gift my style. I asked him if I could take full creative direction so that I could test out some ideas. I went ahead and sculpted the face details and shirt rips, cut into the body, cut off the arm. added blood splatter, etc. I’m pretty happy with the results.



Kid Stuck in the 80s? WTF

The Michael Jackson kick to the ass, moonwalk, walk…this is good stuff

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday. Last Saturday my sister and I had already celebrated with our mother, but I didn’t get a chance to upload the pictures. I wanted to wait till today.

To my mom, Happy Birthday and I wish you the best of you wonderful day. Love you

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