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Mighty Mugg WIP

Starting tonight I will be working on a secret project for a good friend of mine. He gave me a Mighty Mugg as a canvas. I’ve never worked with a Mighty Mugg before so it intimidates me a little bit.

He submitted the Mighty Mugg drawn already, but I want to do more than just paint it. I want to try new styles as well as utilize my signature style. Hopefully he’ll be blown away with the end result. I already have something in mind, but I think it’s more than he is expecting.

You better dig this gift Yong!


Lionel Richie’s Only Fan I Know

So apparently, one of my best buds, Tien aka 50Yen aka The Buister, loves Lionel Richie. I’m not saying Lionel Richie is wack, but Buister is the only one that I personally know that will openly admit he was star struck to see Lionel Richie. The fact that Tien almost had his arm around Lionel’s waist is a little suspect. LOL!

Ronin Warriors…A Samurai Disappointment

Remember how ecstatic I was about FINALLY getting my Ronin Warriors? Well, it isn’t that great out of the box.

Despite how awesome I think Ryo looks, there are a lot of complaints I have regarding how much I shelled out for this toy.

I was excited that there were numerous joints on Ryo, compared to the crap Matel Ronin Warrior I got when I was 12. The biggest issue with the joints was durability. His frame is pretty thin as it is, but when coupled with the heavy armor, he started to fall over. Once he fell over, a few pieces of his armor came off. This only added to my frustration.

I would have done more with the stance, but it would have seriously fallen over.

Another big issue is the armor. The armor doesn’t fit as easy and nicely as I thought it would. Most instances I would have to force the piece in, or just let it be loose and come off randomly, it happens to the knee cap. Some piece are made pretty durable, while other pieces feel light and plastic.

The toy is 100x better than the Matel series, but paying $89 for something that is giving me $40 quality, I feel hustled. Perhaps I’m expecting too much, but Bandai, being my favorite toy company in the world, has let me down with this particular series.

In short the good things: head sculpture, interchangeable heads and hands, detailed weapons, detailed armor, real anime look comparison.

Anyone that is a fan of Ronin Warriors should get this toy. However, Ryo isn’t available in the US. On top of that, I do not believe that the other 4 main characters will be produced.

Gundam Sangokuden: Kanu [Guan Yu]

First and foremost, let me get off my chest that I hated making this kit.

After the gruesome painting, the end result is pretty decent. However, this kit is the reason why I will never make a SD kit again (except for the remaining two I have). The main colors are green, red, white and gold. For a very detailed end result, you are expecting to paint at least 85% of this kid.

Everything that could go wrong did! I had to layer the paint multiple times, my panel lining got screwed up each time, etc. I don’t know if it was the paint or my technique, but I eventually put away the Tamiya paint and used my old Angelus paint for the red. The Tamiya red was not showing up at all against the green panels. I was pretty frustrated and annoyed with this kit half way through, that I eventually gave up on really detailing every part.

Anyways, I’m over it.

English Version of Wedding Dress

Tommy from IBU made an English Version of Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress.” I must say that this version is on point and Tommy is very talented.

Tommy is Laotian, and so is TeeRex, but why can’t he sing like this? lol

Here is the original.

It’s crazy to see how Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” track is known world wide with people of all different races and ethnic backgrounds. You can’t deny good music when you hear it.

Ip Man 2 Teaser

I can’t wait for this movie!!!

Tantrum Is A Beast

I normally don’t post Grindtime vids, but this is a must. I’ve been watching Tantrum grow through all his battles. He’s definitely improving.

Tantrum murders in this vid.