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Work, Study, Work, Study

I feel drained and exhausted. I need to push through so I can nail my exam, but I’m really really tired


It’s All Right, It’s All Good

Crazy soulful and soothing. A definite RnB duo that can’t be touched.

Tasha “Yoon Mi Rae” English Interview

Again, one of the most influential individuals in my life that I have never meant. Today was a prime example of how her music moves me and lifts my spirits up.

Thank you Tasha.

Corporate America

Fuck you…ok Goodbye

Tynisha Keli

I recently noticed that I never blogged about Tynisha Keli before. I’ve been listening to some of her RnBish tracks since late 2007. I don’t know what it is about her, but this is one white girl that I think is pretty awesome, a bit jazzy you can say. She’s not your average pop Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson diva, she’s got a bit of an edge and attitude…which makes her stand out. They need to play her on MTV instead of playing that Ke$ha crap.

Skip to 40 seconds in the video…

Avatar…The Last Airbender…Is NOT ASIAN

I’m glad that this movie is about to come out, as I am a big fan of the series. The downfall is that none of the actors resemble ANY of the characters. The closest that they have as an Asian actor in the movie are the Indian kids, which I don’t think were present in the cartoon series.

There are a lot of talented Asian actors and actresses out there, but I believe America is scared of losing viewers if white people aren’t present and it is predominantly an all Asian cast. If it was a good movie/ production to begin with, the big bucks and movie viewers would flock to it no matter. Look at Avatar where the characters were blue…that movie is making the big bucks.

I feel that the casting chosen for this movie may have the outcome of Dragonball Evolution…

We’ll see if I like this movie or not.

178 Square Feet of Living

How can someone pack so much in such a little space? The thing that baffles me is that the space looks big, but it’s only 178 Square Feet!

Zach Motl is the man behind this lovely tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY. He lived by the motto, “the more stuff you put in the room, the bigger it seems.” It seems incredibly true with his photos because it almost looks like his place is bigger than mine, but it’s not.

I love how his place gives off a contemporary modern feel. Perhaps I should build a bar of some sort to replicate what Zach has done on his own.

The best part to this story is that he was able to land a job as a Junior Designer at Robert Couturier and Associates because of his place. He did not have a three years experience or knowledge with AutoCAD, but he did have pictures of his place designed by himself…isn’t he just an interior design prodigy.

As I have my own place with Rogelyn, I’m starting to look more into interior design. What can I say, I love decorating my apartment with art, furniture, and toys. My biggest struggle is how to tie in my toy collection so that my apartment does not give a kiddish feel.