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On Sunday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my Father…something that I don’t do as often as I would like. There was something completely different about our get together. I felt as if I was finally able to be myself, able to a son.

For years, 24 years to be exact, I have been nothing less than fearful of my Father. He resembled that Vietnamese close minded alpha male born and raised in Vietnam. Growing up, I have always been scared of my Father. It was awkward, he was a kind individual, but could lash out randomly and it would make me terrified of him. I kept my distance just because of how reserved I felt towards him and how he didn’t approve much of my life or life style.

When I sat down at the restaurant with my father on Sunday, I couldn’t help but keep staring at his face. I remember when his face was smooth from my toddler days, and now I can see every wrinkle mark near his eyes. It was evident to me that my father has been aging.

I’ve kept this visual image of him in my mind for years. I would just remember being scared of him with the grumpiest look a child can imagine. Unfortunately, I kept that image in my mind for years and failed to see any change in my father. The fact is my father has been changing long ago, accepted me long ago, but I failed to open up and see the changes.

Looking back on these past few years, I see that my father has been nothing but kind and giving to my sister and I, a loving father as well I may say. Also it was me that was lashing at my father, being annoyed with almost anything he had to say…I was a bad son, perhaps a perfect resemblance of zero patience.

The man in front of my eyes was nothing less than the father I have always wanted but never fully given a chance to. As aging comes, changes arrive. It’s time I make a change and finally let down my guard and be there for my father.

I’m sorry Pops…


Birthday Celebration Yesterday

I came home to a lovely surprise yesterday. Rogelyn had decorated the place as a surprise to myself. I was happy that I got to enjoy and relax on my birthday with my favorite lady.

Decorated Nicely!

One of the lovely dinner plates...Fried Squid.

I was tickin for some Fried Chicken

Also my friend Tim went to Japan for a month. I specifically asked for their Green Tea Kit Kat bar in Kyoto. Supposedly this is a hot item in Japan and it was very hard for Tim to find. This was a great Birthday present from Tim.

Even packaging in Japan is better compared to the states

My favorite candy bar...enjoyed with Rogelyn

Lady love also bought two mini fruit tarts for us. It’s nice to have something different than the normal Edie’s pastry cake that we have EVERY celebration. Fruit Tart is one of my favorite kinds of cake, just because it’s a bunch of fruits on one sweet delicious cake!


What else can I say? I had a great birthday with my family and my girlfriend. I got to see some of my friends and received many birthday wishes. Thank you everybody!

New Age, New Way

Yesterday, I turned 24 and I’m already thinking it is time to do something different in my life, change something in my life.

Throughout my life, I’ve had friends come and go, and I too did the same to a few individuals. Burning bridges is probably my worst attribute. I’ve always wanted to change that factor about myself..what better time to start now?

I’ve had my number of friends that I had fallen out with and some of the things that lead to the situation were just plain stupid. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few individuals that I would like to keep myself distant from, but there are many that I would like to get in touch with, or simply be able to just apologize for whatever happened.

Whether the individuals accepts my apology or not  is entirely up to them, but at least I tried to rewrite a wrong. In a way, I hope I can reconnect with certain individuals and just try to mend a few mistakes.

Let’s see how this change goes. My entirely new goal is not burn bridges and to remain kind and humble.

Take care and God Bless.

Danny Pham

Aziz Ansari is Hellarious!

New Kidrobot Toys To Look Forward To

I’ve been straying away from the normal dunny collecting and started to really enjoy all else that Kidrobot offers. I’ve decided to not purchase the Fatale Dunny series and just focus on other things. There are a few things coming out for the month of February that I am extremely looking forward to purchasing.

This upcoming February, the 18th to be exact, Kidrobot will finally be answering my needs. For years I have been wanting Kidrobot to produce Glow In The Dark Mini Munnys, and now my desires are coming true! Did I mention it also comes in a bunch of colors!? I plan on getting at least one of every color just to use as decoration for my place.

Are you tired of the normal furry friend because it always seems to be happy? Well now Frank Kozik brings the Grumpiest plush toy bear to Kidrobot. One of the bears feature Kozik’s signature cigarette in mouth, and the other is just plain grumpy. Best believe I am getting both of these, maybe an extra cigarette bear for my pops.


I’m officially now a part of:

I got battled in this past Wednesday. Although I’m glad I got in, I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t do as great as I would have. It’s been a while since my stamina took a test of that sort and I really need improvement in that area of dancing.

One of my really good friends, Tony, has been in a few crews with me while I was going to school in San Diego. We were a part of Calamity Era and Pho Bangers Fam for a very short amount of time. Tony then got into Bham Tribe, and then formed Zombie Hunterz with a group of his own friends.

I’ve always been close with Tony in the friends aspect and dancing aspect. You can call him my motivation and inspiration to get better. From Tony, I became friends with a few of the Zombie Hunterz. I even went to a few house parties, random events, etc. They treated me as their own and allowed me to practice with them.

This friendship and tightness in the crew was something I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to get back into rigorous practice sessions and even get into battles. Most of all, I wanted to be with my friends: Yong, Ruby, Tony, Mike, Nes, Matt, etc…

Dancing to me isn’t about movements. It’s about friendship and discipline. I’ve grown as a dancer while I was in San Diego, and I’m still growing. I truly believe that now being a part of ZH, I’ll be able to grow more as a dancer and as a friend, with each and every member of the crew.

I still rep Lost Tribe as they were the individuals that gave me my foundation and I will always rep Lost Tribe. I’ll be repping ZH as well, proudly..

Energy Dome (Great Tricking Vid)

I’ve been picking up Tricking for a few months now, just as a recreational activity. I’m not serious about it like these guys, but I do have fun. Enjoy the video, the editing is on point as well as the tricks. The kid in the black shirt is only 15!