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Money Cat Lows Complete

Money Cat low Complete Set + Shane Jessup Fortune Dunny.

Yesterday my boy Bui came over and we decided to take a pic of all the money cat lows.


Best Christmas House

This year Rogelyn and I went to Candy Cane Lane, in hopes to find the best Christmas decorated house. However, we found the BEST decorated house no where near Candy Cane Lane.

Late Christmas Pictures

I know,  I know, it’s almost the new year and I’m just now putting on Christmas pictures. Oh well!

My heart, my family

I was a bit tipsy in this picture and all the other pictures, so please don’t mind my goofiness.

The ladies that helped raised me: Aunt, Mom, Sis, Grandma

Rogelyn and I

Old School Throwback Stance with my bro Tony

My amazing super fashion Sister

Tigger knocked out.

I wanted Tigger to go to sleep because he always get’s super hyper when people around, so I fed him turkey! Looks like turkey has the same effect on dogs as it does with humans.

Dunny Fatale

The latest Dunny series has finally leaked. It seems that the progression of dunny designs have been getting better and better from many different artists. This series is set to release late January aka near the my birthday which is on January 25th aka this would be a nice birthday gift.

Which reminds me, I will compile a birthday list soon.

My New Favorite Song

Recently, my favorite song on the radio is “Tie Me Down” by the New Boyz. Not really a fan of the “Jerking” song or movement, but this song is fresh! I like that they have Ray J, the man who really can’t be tied down, featured on the track.

Christmas is the time for giving…but receiving is always a plus

Today I came into work expecting nothing less than the norm, but my manager was kind enough to get a gift for his “boys.” Of course his wife help with the purchase and placing the items in a decorative bag.

I like shiny, and I also like surprises

I got a bottle of Asian Pear Sake + a home made Christmas Card.

My manager Eric really listens to us and takes in consideration things of our own personality. He knows I enjoy the Oriental alcoholic beverages, Bobby likes that weird crap that I can’t even spell, and Sam drinks nothing but Rockstars. Sam’s face turned bright red when he opened up his package.

The beautiful Schulhof family

This was the best part of the gift. I always enjoy and appreciate something that is very personal and hand made. I’ve never seen Eric’s family except for his son Brandon (who happens to be a great stand up kid for his age), so it was great to see family photos. After all, Christmas is all about family, happiness, and giving.

I need this bad

Following Touma’s Little Trickers release in January 2010, Play Imaginative will be releasing 450 sets of the Little Trickers in a Gun Metal edition. I’ve been waiting for the Little Trickers ever since I caught a glance on leaked images. Now that this set will be available in both color and gun metal, I have to have them both!

Oh wait, January is my birthday month…hint hint.