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Vietnamese Music Is Horrible

There’s not much for me to say, but clearly I think I would be a better singer/rapper than these two goons. One, the dude in the black has straight jacked teeth. Two, guy in the red BBC jacket is flossing super Viet status by wearing only a  wife beater underneath.

The fact that these guys are using autotune makes it even worse. This makes me feel ashamed, yet happy that I am not like one of these guys.

I love my language and my culture, but really? Vietnamese hip hop isn’t something that really sounds “hard.”


Throwback Thursdays – Candyman “Knockin Boots”

What can I say? I love the chorus…

Leon Lai…Singer/Actor

Growing up watching Cantonese movies and video series allowed me to learn more about Hong Kong actors and singers. Hell, I can recognize more Hong Kong celebrities than US/American actors and actresses.

Growing up I’ve always enjoyed watching series/movies that included Leon Lai. He starred in a lot of action genre type stuff compared to the “I love you so much” type of entertainment. He is also one of the singers I used to listen to a lot as a teenager.

Here is a clip of him from “The Empress and the Warriors.” The actual guy singing the song is Leon Lai.

Here’s also another one…this song is pretty old, I think I got the cd when I was in junior high lol.


Some Parents Are Seriously Idiots

Seriously, why would parents put kids through this? Really, I don’t know any kid who takes pleasure in lifting weights. This has to be unhealthy and pretty stupid if you ask me. I know we always try to be fit and healthy, but body building at a young age is really pushing the limit, in a wrong way.

This kid’s parents could hang out with the Heene family.

Throwback Tuesdays – 112 “Cupid”

By far one of my favorite songs of all time. This was my first song I ever heard from 112. At one time, cupid was the soundtrack of my life.

Weekend With Rogelyn

It’s always nice to get away, and this past weekend was a great get away for Rogelyn and I. I haven’t been the best at spending time with her as I’m always working, training, painting, or working on something new, and it’s my fault that sometimes she doesn’t feel special. We needed some time to ourselves to get away from everyday life, so we went to my mom’s house to help  with her party and just to relax and have fun. Also I needed some good content for my blog.


Three of my favorites: Rogelyn, Tigger, and Corona. YUM


Sunday morning and I took her to Eggs N Things like the old days.


Here are the Dumbasses that we had to deal with while we waiting. There isn't a cure for dumb...they were rehearsing in front of someone's car. The fat one ended up walking by our table and saying OH THAT LOOKS GOOD!


One of our favorite dishes: Swedish Pancakes covered in Blueberry jam and powdered sugar


My amazing breakfast burrito.


Her Hollandaise Creative Eggs


Bonus Picture:


Her and Tigger knocked out.


I also decided to make Tigger an Indian women for the

My Mom and Her Crazy Friends

Seriously, talk about a crazy mid life crisis. My mom decided to throw a Halloween costume party with her friends from high school. They started to party at 5pm to past midnight. By the time they all left, Tigger, Rogelyn and I were tapped out and wanted to just sleep. Enjoy the pictures, some are very…inappropriate.


My mom and her friends

Yes that is a penis made out of a carrot and limes.




This is always the best part of

Yes, he made a penis out of a carrot and limes....he's more than twice my age.


This right here is his wife, sucking on his carrot...this picture told me that she goes down.


The Penis Man is at it again


My kind of crowd.

All in all, I would say that older Vietnamese people really know how to party. They party HARD… his carrot.