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I’m A Lucky Cat


Look what came in today at the office for me! This was the first time that I was worried if I was going to get a Dunny that I really wanted. Say hello to my fortune cat!


I wanted the Black SDCC to complete the set, but we all know what went down for that one. This Fortune one will suffice, but I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for the black lucky cat.


First Day of 3-Midnight Shift

As all of you may know, this is my first day of my new shift. I am digging this a whole lot. I have more time to do things during the day.

Normally I go home after an 8-5 shift. I’ll get in around 6 (because of traffic), rest for two hours and then head to White Lotus for practice. I’ll come back by midnight and then go to be around 1 or 2. Wake up around 7 am, head to work, and the cycle continues. Today I got to sleep in til 9 am, woke up and read for my certification exam, went to White Lotus for practice, showered and then head to work…NO TRAFFIC

Now at work, I get some peace and quiet. I deal with troubleshooting when the time calls, but I spend my day reading more for my exam and testing things for work here and there.

What did I learn from this? Change isn’t bad as long as you embrace it.

Dumbest “Thugs” Ever

Last Work Day of 8-5

So today will be the last day that I work a shift from 8-5. Starting Monday my shifts will be from 3PM to midnight. At first I was very skeptical about working this shift because I wouldn’t have the nights to do much on the weeknights. After thinking about this scenario, I think I got the best shift!

Since I normally sleep between 1-2 am, this really doesn’t do anything to my sleeping habits. However, I can now sleep in! I can also practice from 10:30-2 pm, then go shower and then head to work. I will also miss the early morning traffic and the 5pm traffic as well. I get to take Roro to school and sleep in with her which is awesome. I can also go to all the Kidrobot release and solidify my dunny or whatever that comes out.

The downside of this shift is that I can no longer teach on Fridays or go to the youth group on Fridays. I can’t have my occassional AIM chats with my friends from the start of my shift to the end.

OH WELL, I see more benefits from this shift change.

Don’t Be Quick To Judge

On and On Like The Song Goes.

“I wonder if we took the wrong road..”

I’m disappointed. Upon this role I took in the company, I was told that I had a chance to receive a Bonus if I passed a certification test, but what they failed to tell me was that it only applied to Applications Engineers. I basically am an AE, but my title is Wi-Fi Technician. It’s a little irritating that I worked relentlessly to try to achieve this certification earlier than my expected date, just so I can claim the Bonus and do something nice with it for someone.

Whatever, time to continue studying and to pursue my goals for my own benefits this time around.

Student To Master

Thanks to my boy Luis aka EcheRock, I got my newest pieces done.

The Shaolin Monks you see were created by the legendary Slick of Dissizit. On the left leg there is a student monk with the chinese characters for “student” right below. The young student represents myself in Kung Fu and more importantly, life. The right leg has the master monk with the chinese characters for “master” right below. This represents where I want to be with my Kung Fu, my activities, and my life. We are always consistently learning and trying our hardest to master a certain craft, a certain lifestyle. With experience, we might be able to say that we are a master, but it takes years of hard work and dedication.

Not only that, but I chose these Monks because they are goofy and awesome, which I am!