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Heading to San Diego Sunday-Wednesday

It’s that time again people. Time for me to travel for work. With my new position at the company, I’ll probably be travelling more. This time I will be heading to my old home for two and a half years.

I’m excited for my trip to San Diego. It’s been about 7 months since I’ve stepped foot in SD, so it will definitely be sure hit when I get in. I’ve already got my sunday and my weeknights planned. A lot of catching up with the old homies and a lot of good grubbing to come.


Weekend Recap With Bui

So this past Saturday I took my dawg 50 Yen aka Bui out for Dim Sum at Empress Pavillion. That place is the business. After that we proceeded to Melrose for some toy shopping. I came back with a few new toys, two new books, and some toys for my niece. Bui took a picture of my toy collection, so here it is (not all toys are in the case).

And We discovered Gundam Zaku near the Dim Sum spot

Don’t mind my goofy self making fun of the under bite.

Raving Is Wack

Call me a hater if you like, but raving is utterly retarded. Really what is a rave? A common ground for people to gather in large groups to use drugs and pills while listening to annoying technoish music?

Do you really enjoy the music that you are hearing? As my boy Jon said, “you can’t even feel that music and actually say that the music takes you over,” cause it’s just constant beats at a bullet speed.

What about the shiny objects? What are you fuckin 3? Get the fuck out of here with that glow stick crap. 

Now can you really say that it is dancing? No not at all. I know there are a few bboys here and there that go rock the floor at a rave, hell yall retarded too. Yes music and dancing is all about expression, but their is a foundation for expression. Also if you need a substance to enhance your feel for music and dance, that’s not really art. Hell, “skipping” isn’t really dancing.

I’m sure all the etards or ecstasy users out there will say that you can’t die from pills, but correction dumbass, you can. If you really need drugs to enhance your experience, then that says a lot about you. I’m all about having a good time and enjoying myself, but I get high off life and don’t need to take anything to enhance my happiness.

To all you broke ass ravers or rave goers complaining about money, here’s a solution. Don’t pay $60 to go to a rave, don’t pay $20 for a drug pill, and don’t pay $20 for your fucked up butterfly wings and tutu skirt attire all glittered out with 5 raver bead bracelets on your wrist. Wow look, you just saved yourself $100 bucks.

I know I’m not the only one cause Bui, Cindy, Panda, and a bunch of other heads feel the same.

Whatever floats your boat people, I’m just speaking my piece.

But let me show you a clip of what retardness i’m talking about:

Shit, last time I went to a concert, I made sure there were fuckin PERFORMERS singing or using a mic. A concert stage without…talent? Great use of 60 bucks.


More Cover Songs

My love for cover songs is once again met. Enjoy these videos:

Cathy Nguyen and Andrew Garcia cover “Knock You Down”


Kat and Michael cover “Two Wrongs”

Finally Moved In

Just a few days ago, I began moving into my new apartment. One more day worth of cleaning and my room should be ready to show. I’m excited for this change and ready for more new things to come.

The worst part about the move is probably the longer drive to work. Instead of 10-15 minutes, my drive is now 30 minutes.

I’ll post a few flics soon.


At first I thought this transition would be difficult and unbearable, but it seems to me that I am enjoying every minute of this. Maybe it’s because I love challenges and I’m basically turning into an engineer/ Wi-Fi Technician. If I progress well, I can become an Applications Engineer and maybe grow to a Principle Technologist later on in life. There is a lot of room for growth if I take this route. I can only thank God and the company for such a great opportunity. 

I was handed the CWNA book this Monday and so far I’ve started to read it since Wednesday. My plan is to finish this 600 page book in the span of a week and a half. It’s not that easy when the book is full of technology terms and I’ve never dealt with physics before. After completing the book, I plan on taking a week and half to two weeks to review and take practice exams. After all that is done, I’ll make an appointment to take my CWNA and hopefully get certified the first time.

Usually it takes people quite some time to get certified, but I always like to push the limits and make records. Hopefully I can pass this test on my first try with only a few weeks of reading and studying.

So for the next few weeks, I’m going to nerd/study mode. I’ll keep this updated with my progress. So far two chapters done.

This is Comedy!