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Samoan Slap Dance

I got Roro good:

Danny125 (3:11:19 PM): u knw how they came up with the samoan slap dance?
RoRo (3:17:14 PM): why?
Danny125 (3:19:21 PM): cause king moohe hala
Danny125 (3:19:26 PM): was surrounded by flies
Danny125 (3:19:30 PM): so he started hitting himself
Danny125 (3:19:37 PM): and then his servants werel ike DAMN THATS DOPE
RoRo (3:20:26 PM): forreal?
RoRo (3:20:30 PM): are you serious?
RoRo (3:20:34 PM): thats a funny story
RoRo (3:20:35 PM): haha
Danny125 (3:20:42 PM): no but it makes sense tho right
Danny125 (3:20:43 PM): HAHAHAH
RoRo (3:20:51 PM): hahah
RoRo (3:20:53 PM): omg
RoRo (3:20:55 PM): so irking
RoRo (3:21:01 PM): and whos moohe hala?
Danny125 (3:21:07 PM): i dont knw i made that up too
RoRo (3:21:07 PM): silly!
Danny125 (3:21:08 PM): ahhahaaha
RoRo (3:21:11 PM): hahahahaha
RoRo (3:21:13 PM): stupid
Danny125 (3:21:22 PM): i put hawaiin ish sounding words together
Danny125 (3:21:26 PM): oh man i got u good
RoRo (3:21:30 PM): whatev

530 Media Lab Special Package

Look what I got in the mail today.

What was inside of the tube:

Thanks to the man Kevin from 530 Media Lab, he laced me up with this nice little goody package. Thanks a lot for your hospitality Kevin and the rest of 530 Media Lab. I’m hoping to do an interview with you guys if you ever have free time. For anyone that needs an amazing website, check out 530 Media Lab. Also if you are looking for a nice and limited fitted, be sure to pick theirs up.

Anoop Desai Is A BEAST

My mother watches American Idol and yes sometimes I sit down and watch with her. One of the contestants is Anoop Desai. He isn’t your normal singing contestant, well because of his ethnicity and his look. This guy is raw! Check out this video

Ghetto Rock Fitteds Now In Stock

Two of the pieces that I’ve been waiting for from the “Triumph Over Chaos” collection are the fitteds. Fern was supposed to get my sample, but I don’t know what happened. But anyways, we got them in stock now from size 7 1/8- 7 3/4. Only 144 made in each style. Fern save me two in both styles! Go grab yours at

Get Wild, our furry animal



One Of Those Sleeping Pill Nights

I just spent the last hour walking around in my cold dark town.  Nothing but a t-shirt and shorts, I walked in the freezing cold, fists clenched, teeth grinding. I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore, but maybe it was because my hand was swollen from hitting the wall.

Right now I’m feeling the effects of being in the cold with almost nothing to keep me warm, I think I’m sick. However, that doesn’t even matter to me. It was nice to walk and collect my thoughts. I let something get the best of me.

Perhaps ever since I was an adolescent, the word respect has always been a priority in my life. Respect one another, treat others the way you want to be treated. Instilled in my mind from my forefathers to the people that raised me and then to the people that I call my teachers, this has always been a big deal to me. Respect those  that you love and that you adore.  I’ve always been aware of what to say to others,  I try my best to not step on anyone’s toes that I hold dear to myself.

Never have I felt so worthless and felt so, non important. I can’t believe just because of one little thing, it can cause people to quickly turn shay of one another and literally not give a fuck.

They say that you can only take so much until you start breaking. Sad to say I think I am finally at that point. I had no idea that your anger can shade what you think of me. Actually I can’t believe that now I know what you think of me. I won’t go into detail about because, well, I don’t feel like bringing it up.

The best part about walking around town tonight was that this father and 3 year old son stopped me. The little boy asked me “Mister, are you ok?”

“Thanks for asking, I’m alright,” I replied. I followed it by rubbing his head and telling his father that he has a wonderful son. What I really don’t understand is how a total stranger could actually care and make small conversation asking how my day was or if I’m doing alright? How is it that someone who has no impact on my life actually care, while someone that I may hold dear not care at the moment? It’s one of those questions in life that we will never know. Anger gets the best of us, true indeed but there still shouldn’t be any reason to disrespect one another.

If I said something that you feel I may disrespected you, I would apologize sincerely, even if I don’t see it that way. Maybe it’s because I have no time for bull shit and actually care about others more than myself. Whatever it is, I refer to these three words, “I don’t know.”

I don’t know a lot of things. I don’t know why people can get so angry sometimes that their feelings change so quickly. I don’t know why people try to find something to complain about. I don’t know why people can’t respect each other and hold themselves in a higher position. I just don’t know.

Walking in the cold is causing me to shiver right now. Not to mention my swollen hand is hurting from typing. I’ll end this here, but all I can say is that don’t expect much.

It looks like it’s one of those nights where I need to pop in a sleeping pill to fall asleep.

God Bless,

-Danny Pham

Triumvir Youtube Video

Here’s a video from months ago about Triumvir. This is very informative for those who don’t know.

Everyone’s Favorite TV Show Songs

Two of the members from GLP, Gabe and Leejay, do it with our favorite TV show jams and commercials. Not to mention we get Rick Rolled. Something I needed to watch with that annoying crap I’m dealing with today.