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Learning Pidgin

In my efforts to learn Pidgin to mess with my girlfriend Roro. I’ve compiled a list from yahoo. So if anyone wants to learn Pidgin, lets conversate! Here’s the list

AKAMAI (AH-kah-mah-ee) – someone who is very smart, sharp

ALOHA (ah-LOH-hah) – greetings/farewell

AN DEN (AN dehn) – What’s up? How are you?

AZNUTS (az-NUHTS) – That’s ridiculous; you are out of your mind

BO DA DEM (BOH-dah-dehm) – both of them

BODDA YOU? (BAH-dah yoo?) – Are you bothered by this?

BRADDAH (BRAH-dah) – brother

BRAH – friend or buddy

BREAK – wave action

BUMBYE (buhm-BY-ee) – When we get around to it, after a while.

CHANG (chahng) – cheap, frugal

CHOKE – many, a lot, a big amount

CHOKE CARS – heavy with traffic

DA (dah) – the

DA CUTE (dah cute) – Isn’t that darling, isn’t that cute.

DA KINE (dah KYN) – the whatchamacallit; used for anything that you are talking about that you can’t remember the word for.

DAT (dat) – that

DIRTY LICK’NS – a spanking

EH? – You know?

ERIDING (EHR-ree-dihng) – everything, all of it

‘EY! (AA) – Hey! (an attention-getting call)

FADDA (FAH-dah) – father

FO’ REAL? (foh REE-ahl) – Are you serious?

FO’ SHUA (foh SHOO-ah) – for sure, for certain

FUT (fuht) – To fart, break wind, pass gas, contribute to global warming.

FUTSETTA (fuht-SEH-tah) – female under-the-bed monster, witch (used to threaten children with when they are misbehaving)

GEEV’UM (GEEV uhm) – Go for it!

GIDI GIDI (GEE-dee GEE-dee) – out-of-place hair growth (cowlicks) on the scalp of a human

GON FONIT (GAHN FAH-niht) – gosh darn it

GOOD FUN – Fun is okay, but GOOD FUN is better.

GRIND – To eat like there’s no tomorrow!

HAAD RUB(HAHD ruhb) – hard time, bad time, uncomfortable circumstances

HAD-IT (HAHD iht) – To be wasted, destroyed, wrecked.

HANA HOU (hah-nah HOH) – do it again, play it again

HAOLE (HOW-lay) – a non-Hawaiian, usually refers to a Caucasian

HAPAI (hah-PY-ee) – pregnant

HO BRAH – hold on, friend!; an exclamation said before describing some amazing event, thing, or great looking person

HOWZIT? (HAHW-ziht) – How is everything, what’s up, what’s going on?

JALIKE? (jah-LYK) – Would you like to?

JUNK – not good, rotten, lousy

K’DEN – (KAA-dehn) – ok then, agreed

KOLOHE (koh-LOH-hay) – rascal, trouble maker

LIKE BEEF? – Want to fight?

LOCAL STYLE – anything typical of the way people do things in Hawaii

LOLO (LOH-loh) – dumb, stupid, idiotic

LUA (LUU-ah) – bathroom

MAHALO (mah-HAH-loh) – thank you

MAKI (MAH-kee) – dead

MAKI DIE DEAD (MAH-kee DY-ee dehd) – extremely dead, way dead, no chance of surviving

MO BETTAH (moh BEH-tah) – much better, a much better idea

MOKE (mohk) – extremely large local and very tough guy

mokes – local tough guys in Hawaii

MOI MOI (MOH-ee MOH-ee) – sleep

MOMONA (moh-MOH-nah) – fat

MORE ON MJ – chew the fat, shoot the breeze

NO AAK (noh ahk) – Quit showing off.

NO CAN (NOH cahn) – no can do, no way

OKOLE (oh-KOH-lay) – butt, rear end

OLU OLU (OH-loo OH-loo) – please

ONO (OH-noh) – Hawaiian for good or great

ONOLISICIOUS (oh-noh-LIH-shee-uhs) – really delicious, really good, really great

PAU HANA (pow HAH-nah) – to be done with work

PANTY (PAHN-tee) – a frightened or timid person

PLANNY (PLEH-nee) – plenty, a lot, big amount, choke

PUPUS (PUU-puus) – appetizers

RUBBAH SLIPPAH (RUHB-ah SLIHP-ah) – rubber thongs for the feet

SHOOTS (shuuts) – okay, no problem, it’s fine with me

SIDE EYE – a hard, cold, menacing stare (same as stink eye)

SPARK – To see, to check out.

TALK STINK – To speak ill about someone.

TALK STORY – To talk about something or chat

TITA (TIH-tah) – a very tough female who is willing to fight

TRY MOVE – Please move out of the way.

WAHINE (wah-HEE-nay) – woman, female

WAT DOING? – What the ‘bleep’ are you doing?.

WE GO – Let’s split, let’s leave immediately.

Also I found this site to be useful. They let you hear how the word is pronounced and gives an example sentence of how its use. Chee Hu! Check it out here.


Songs for Eating and Drinking

“Songs for Eating and Drinking” is thrown by Chase Jarvis who opened his studio, provides cuisine and spirits, and records anything that happens.

Check out Geo’s verse while he’s holding onto some red wine

Check me out!

Tell me why I’m the only one thats modeling a shirt on A.Okay Official?

Point System Diet

So my sister has been on this point system diet. She can only eat a certain amount of points a day, maybe 20 points max. I’ve seen the results on her FAST. She’s eating healthy and adequately, more so she’s eating moderately. The crazy part is that she doesn’t work out and she lost all this weight. So I’ve come to the conclusion that if I start eating on the point system like her and continue working out, then I’d be on a better tip than my sister. Now I don’t feel like anything is wrong with me, but I do want to be a lot healthier. The breakroom at work is filled with nothing but junk food. If I want my heart to be healthy, I should start now.

This is the point chart that my sister uses to determine what food counts as how many points:

Rebel Souljahz

I’ve been digging Hawaiin jams for a minute. The music is just peaceful and soothing. Here’s a video from Rebel Souljahz.

Mario Kart Love Song

Possibly the best mario song I ever heard. I’d dedicate this to Roro if she played mario kart like I do LOL.

On the real tip, this guy is pretty dope. Check out his other vids!

Fitted Hawaii KU’I-A-LUA Pack

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve been in love with Hawaii since day one. Actually I’ve always been in loved or intrigued with Hawaii since I’ve seen that old school episode of “Full House” when Danny and the rest of the Tanner family went to Hawaii. So it’s only fitting for me to say that some of my favorite brands are Hawaii Locals, such as Fitted Hawaii, In4mation, etc.

Fitted Hawaii will be releasing a pack dubbed KU’I-A-LUA or “The Art of Lua Fighting.” Basically this fighting style is pretty bad ass. Coming from a martial artist and a fan of Hawaii, this is a pack that I would not pass up on. However I might have to because I’m in CA this weekend. I’ve been wanting a Kamehameha fitted for a minute and it so happens that his one is butter. The entire fitted is made out of a a straw material with satin lining to keep your dome warm…what more can you ask for!? The pack also comes with a green tee and a black slick, clean hoodie. I’m just hoping they release a pack like this while I’m in Hawaii in two weeks.