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Blue Scholars

Growing up, music has always been a big part of me. Music has always had a big influential part in my life.

I wanted to share with everyone one of my favorite Hip Hop groups, Blue Scholars. I literally listened to Blue Scholars religiously while I was at school (I still do). Every morning I would put on my headphones and walk towards my class at UCSD, listening to “No rest for the weary” and “Burnt Offerings.” I had a rough time at UCSD, but with their music I was able to face everyday like it was nothing.  

Here’s one of my favorite tracks: “Joe Metro”



Loyalty – holding true to people (family and friends), to beliefs, and to your country (one of the many definitions)

My vision of every individual is that we have something to represent. I represent not only myself, but my faith, family, crew, friends, and where I came from.  Everytime I do something or accomplish a goal, I pay the dues and respect to what allowed me to do so.  I live to glorify what I’m about, to tell stories about my life and the wonderful people who have paved the way for me.

I’ve been contemplating a tattoo for years now. At first I wanted “Lost Tribe” and a Cross on my arm, but I wanted something that could pay homeage to everything that I’m about. Year’s later I came up with this, something simple, clear, but powerful enough to encompass my life. Loyalty represents my faith, my family, my crew, my friends. It reminds me to be loyal and true to myself and to always remember where I came from. Now a days its easy for people to fake the funk, but I’m all about keeping it real to myself and to everyone else. This is for all the individuals who have helped me, the people who sacrificed for me, and the loved ones that made me the person I am today

Cool Cat Tricks!

I really never thought you could teach a cat this trick. I thought it was a dog thing and even dogs can’t do it as good and life like as this cat.

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Last Two Days of Hawaii

What can I say? This has been a wonderful trip, despite the stormy weather. I got the chance to spend my last two days with my family and RoRo.

I started Saturday morning and afternoon with my sister and mother. We basically just went to one of my favorite burger joints in Hawaii that offer “The Big Kahuna” Burger. At night I introduced RoRo to my mother and sister for dinner…where I got conned to pay for the bill. THANKS FAMILY

I swear she looks like a Harajuku Girl…Gwen Stefani, give my sister a call

Sippin on the fish bowl, which I couldn’t finish…


Dessert at dinner time. She was focused on me and I was focused on Dessert

One of the persons that conned me…my mother

She came over the next day and fell asleep…BAD THING TO DO AROUND ME! That is a good shot though

“So I was wondering…you wanna be my girl?” lol

The only girl I want to wear my fitteds

I think i’m darker…for the first time lol

And I came home to this shitty weather

Moke Around (Hawaii Day 2)

Yesterday had to been one of the most eventful days I had in a while. It started off just being with my mother and sister and then I met up with Rogelyn aka RoRo. RoRo was kind enough to take me around Hawaii to some dope spots, which included Fitted, Dig Lifestyles, In4mation, Kicks HI, Leilow, Shaved Ice, and much more!

We eventually met up with her friends for a surprise bday, which we were late too…SORRY. It started off at a Karaoke spot and then moved over to a club. I came real close to getting into a fight with a Samoan Girl, no joke, no more clubbing in Hawaii. They are crazy on a whole other level…when “two step” comes on, they get buck.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking (kinda):

My sister dolled up in the morning. She looks Japanese, so when I walk next to her, people automatically think I don’t speak English or Engrish (no joke)

We have matching Bags/backpacks…

Fitted Hawaii, Real hidden and small, but everyone there was kind and welcoming

Rogelyn…my taxi driver

She digs the zebra I made her…ZIGGY

What’s left over from the Ghetto Rock Women’s line at Dig Lifestyles! Hawaii loves us!

What’s left from the Guy’s portion! Thanks Hawaii!

Shaved Ice Menu…no joke I was in heaven!

She wanted to hold my dessert up because her’s looked boo boo…I like fruits, she wanted Taro or UBE…normal Filipino tendencies, jk

She’s trying to be like me…you know…artistic

One of my favorite artists, Angry Woebots…This is in the store front of Prototype. If i really had 2g’s, I would have copped this

In the daytime…hair on my chinny chin chin

She said “Oh shit player!”

RoRo and her friend Nikki…Getting the business

Group Shot..I was clearly faded

I smile a lot better when i’m drunk

And the money shot Player! She wanted to match with me…BITER

I was definitely happy with the whole night…thanks ma!

Hawaii Day 1

Today my mother, sister, and I arrived in Hawaii…Oahu to be exact. I was recently in Oahu in July, but something always calls me to come back to Hawaii. I fell in love with this state when I first visited Maui in 2005. I’ve always been open and intrigued with Hawaiin culture. Perhaps it puts me at ease everytime I visit a new area when its not work related.

So, as a Christmas gift to my mother, my sister and I decided to pay for her plane ticket, hotel stay, and car rental. Basically trying to be good kids, since we RARELY do things like that lol. Literally within the first 2 or 3 hours in Hawaii, my mother and sister spent A LOT of money. Addictive? I think so!

Today was a good day for arrival, besides the fact that it was pouring rain and I got drenched. But the good thing about the weather in Hawaii is that it wasn’t cold. It was humid and raining (vs. CA stupid cold weather when it rains).

Here are some pics of our first day:

My sister is finally able to rent a car on her own! Driving to our hotel.

This wasnt even when the weather was BAD

The view from our Hotel, well actually it is a part of our hotel.

Rich people shaved ice near our hotel. It’s good, but not exactly what I wanted for shaved ice. It’s like bougie shaved ice.

My Mother and Sister with their “Royal Pine.” I had one too! It’s liquor, pineapple, and some other juice. BOMB

My sister wanted a solo picture of herself steezin like a Japanese girl in front of the Hawaiin Christmas Tree.

Aloha Army, one of my favorite stores to visit when I come to Hawaii. It used to be called In4mation, but I guess they decided to switch it up.

At around 5pm in Hawaii the rain started STORMING down. We stood in a store front for about 5 minutes hoping that the rain would lighten up, but then decided to “fuck it” and run…BAD IDEA

I’m drenched from head to toe, but luckily it wasn’t cold. The worst part was that I couldn’t even see through my glasses and that I almost ate it when I slipped in a store.

Overall, I’m glad I’m hear with some of the most important people in my life!