I like to keep my life simple as I can. My day consumes work, training in martial arts or dance, eat, and sleep.

Well thats my routine for Monday-Thursdays. Friday, Sat, and Sunday are different.


To The Girl Sitting In Front of Me

To the girl that sits in front of me

You don’t know me.

My name is Danny Pham.

You don’t notice me.

I’m that Asian brother in the red hat behind you.

You don’t see me.

I’m the one smiling when you walk in.

You don’t realize me.

You seem to be off in your own world.

What I am is,


I want to know every part of you,

And no, this is not physical.

I want to know your composure,

The reasons you smile the way you do.

I want to know your inner most thoughts,

So I can know why you laugh in a silent room.

I want to know your background,

So I can adore who you were before I knew you.

I know other brothers say things like this,


However, I promise you I’m nothing like




Or even Jerry.

Note, I made these names up to make it less…how you say,


But truth be told previous cats have nothing on me,


Let me tell you I’m giving you 100,


This is something new to me,


For the first time, I feel like

Someone may be the rhythm to my blues,

Because I’ve put away my hip hop tunes and devoted my playlist to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Babyface, and any other sappy individual that sings about love in mysterious ways.

For the first time I feel like

Someone may be the breakbeat that I need to get hype on the dance floor,

And I imagine myself pulling bboy freezes and dancing to the beat of the music because that’s how rhythmic you make me feel.

For the first time I feel like

Someone may be the colors I need in my monotone life as an artist,

I’m starting to splash bright colors on the canvas because you brighten up my mundane vision to more than shades of black, gray and white.

For the first time I feel like,

Someone can be and is all that and more.

Cause every time I see you, I start to question “Why do birds suddenly appear” in my vision.

“Close to you.”

But even though only a foot separates my breathing from brushing the hair on the back of your head

I feel the distance and space between us may be something that nerds use to describe the distance in Astronomy,

Galaxies and light years away





I can’t seem to get you to know me,

My name is Danny Pham

I can’t seem to get you to notice me,

I’m that Asian brother in the red hat behind you.

I can’t seem to get you to see me,

I’m the one smiling when you walk in.

I can’t seem to get you to realize me,

I want to be part of your own world…


This guy is a beast. I saw this performance and he straight murdered.

Magnetic North – Summertime

Perfect jam for the Summer

Live Like A Warrior

Never back down from a challenge, always face every obstacle, never say you can’t because you can,” these were the words of a true warrior, my master.

I’ve lived 24 years of my life trying my best to be like the men that have raised me, taught me, and guided me. I’ve studied each and every role model, trying my best to exemplify some sort of resemblance to their strength. I can’t say that I’m 100% there, but I feel that I’m close. All the role models in my life have one thing in common, they are all warriors to me…warriors of life.

I’ve never known so many individuals that will face every obstacle with their head held high and come out victorious, win or lose. I’ve been taught that victory isn’t defined by winning, but more as giving everything your best. You can never call yourself a loser when you give 100% of your efforts.

I try my best to live my life as a warrior in this world. Anything in my life deserves 100% effort. At times things may be dim and look almost impossible, but I still give 100% of my efforts in hope to emerge victorious.

They say life is about “survival of the fittest,” but I’d like to think that life is all about bravery. If you aren’t brave or have courage, how can you ever face the things that you fear most? Being a warrior needs strength, courage ( bravery), dedication and honor. Live your life with these standards, and you shall become victorious. A warrior needs to be strong to deal with any obstacle that may appear. A warrior needs to live by his code, his honor. A warrior needs to be dedicated to their beliefs, whatever they set out to do. A warrior needs to have courage/bravery to face anything that he fears and to accept the challenge.

In December, I will be taking part in a challenge that I am partially fearful of, but I need to give everything that I have to emerge victorious. I can’t sit here and say that I don’t think about that event, but all I can say is that I’m trying my absolute hardest to be a warrior, to live the way that I was taught, to be and do everything that I can.

What I want my friends to learn from this is that life is all about facing your obstacles and preparing for it. It’s easy to walk away and it is much more difficult to face the obstacle that lies ahead…however, facing your life challenge and becoming victorious is much more rewarding than walking away.

I leave you with this from Canibus, “I rather be a soldier dying in my own blood and not a coward in my own piss.” I like to consider this quote as describing the scenario that you will never get anywhere without blood, sweat, and tears. You give everything your best and face any challenge that may come towards you…and if you fall, at least you fell knowing that you gave it your best. Life is all about falling and getting back up..never stay down. I will always follow this quote to the T. I’ll give my all in everything until I’m beat down into the ground.

God Bless,



“Niagara falls, baby girl I got you wetter than.

Trust me on this one, you’ll never find a better man.” – Teddy

I hate being Sick

Being sick, feeling like crap….FFFFFF it, i dont care anymore, time for rest.